If a picture is worth a thousand words, nothing compares to the powerful messages these fantastic works of art convey. Each piece is a stellar representation of an attempt to denounce gender-based violence, specifically looking at it from the lens of social, gendered and cultural angles.

 1. An Attempt, by Marwah Adel

2. Bleeding House by Marko Maetamm

3. Boca Roja by Francisca Valenzuela

4. Bullets by Lella Essaydi

5. Carrier by Nausheen Saeed 

6. Die to Remain Alive by Hanifa Alizada

7. Doll by Debasish Dutta

 8. Family Happiness by Alexandra Kachko

9. I am Sorry by Penny Siopsis

 10. An Ode to Women by Beatriz Meha

11. I NEVER ask for it by Shilo Shiv Suleman

12. Silhouette Effacee by Freddy Tsimba

13. Wanting Both by Kawai Yai Pupu

14. War in the Home by Jamie Lee Roy

15. A Roomful of Missing Women by Betty Kovacic 

16. Say No to Domestic Violence by Jessica Gehle